Cube is the tribal marketing flywheel

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Join discord group |
Answer an open ended question |
Enter a secret code |
Visit a website |
Subscribe to a channel on youtube |
Like a post on instagram |
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Our gamified tribal engine incentivises, verifies and rewards every brand interaction.

Now your tribes can become your most powerful source of customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Welcome to the tribal marketing era.

Powered by Cube.

Why Cube?

Cube converts community engagement into a flywheel for growth

Cube is the first purpose-built marketing ‘flywheel’ platform, designed to simultaneously drive Acquisition, Engagement & Retention.

AI demo

Let Cube's unique AI build you a demo in just 60 Seconds

Try out Cube’s unique AI campaign generator by entering your email and a link to any branded video content hosted on YouTube into the form below. Within 2 minutes, you’ll receive a tailored interactive challenge that perfectly complements your content and captivates your audience.

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Enterprise-ready platform

Easy-to-manage campaign engine

Cube is an easy to use and cost effective SaaS platform, with a wide range of integrations and templates.

Build a campaign in minutes to power up your marketing campaigns or use as an ‘always-on’ engagement and retention accelerator.

Comprehensive analytics

Receive in-depth data insights, understand user behaviours, and monitor global campaign performance.

Tailored branding

Cube offers deep customization options, ensuring campaigns are in sync with your brand identity across all touchpoints.

AI superpowers

Our AI campaign generator takes planning from months to minutes.

Seamless integrations

Our API-first approach ensures easy, secure integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Premium support

Our team of dedicated account managers understand the intricacies of enterprise needs.

Incentivising behaviour

Reward everything, everywhere.

Cube validates completion of valuable brand actions, bridging between digital AND real world behaviour.

Define the behaviour you want to trigger and set the rewards to incentivise your community to get you there.

No more walled gardens

Cross platform bridge building.

With Cube you no longer have to choose between disconnected social media platforms. Now you can build bridges between your communities, allowing them all to play harmoniously across multiple channels. Get ready to harness the power of aggregated community building and engagement.

Gamification drives acquisition, engagement and retention

From passive followers to active participants

Our AI crafts a wide range of gamified challenges, tailored for your brand objectives. Leading your audiences from simple games, through friend-based competitions, to big community quests, and even tangible real-world events. Simplified, streamlined, and powered by Cube to maximise customer acquisition, engagement and retention.
First steps or giant leaps?

Even the simple ‘like’, ‘share’, or ‘subscribe’ can feel like winning a championship. We make sure newcomers don’t just step in – they bounce, leap, and score their first wins and XP in a flash.

Solo player

Watch your brand fans flaunt their mojo, from tweeting their wisdom to jamming to your Spotify beats. See them light up with every win, crafting their very own superstar path on your shared journey.


Nothing like teaming up for double the fun! Foster those fan friendships on Cube. From group missions to group victories, let them discover the magic of teamwork, soaring together in team quests.

Epic community fest

Rally your fans for the grand Cube party. From secret code scavenger hunts to those everyone’s-name-on-the-leaderboard days. Let them shape the narrative with their own killer content, deepening those fan ties.

Global groove quest

Get your audiences hyped with exclusive events, mingling with digital celebs, or embarking on real-world quests. Who said the internet and IRL can’t have a legendary mash-up?

Enter the tribal marketing era with Cube.

Try our demo generator. 

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