Reward everything

Fans deserve recognition for more than just purchasing. Incentivise the engagement most important to you by directing and rewarding specific behaviours through quests and challenges. Define the outcomes you need and set campaigns for your fan community to get you there – newsletter signups, social media engagement, physical check-ins, UGC creation and even real world movements and activity.  With Cube there are no limits to the actions you can direct, track and reward.

  • Go to a location
  • Listen to song
  • Play basketball
  • Dance
  • Do a backflip
  • Upload a video

Give fans what they need

Fans need a sense of ownership of a brand to fully connect. Offer rewards that tie together ownership with utility and exclusivity to give fans a reason to participate. Status connected to recognition leading to exclusive benefits that fans can only acquire through engagement. Cube makes loyalty less transactional and more aspirational.

Own the relationship, own the insight

Own the relationship with your customers by engaging them directly across every channel. Own the insight into their behaviors and use our analytics dashboard to build hyper-targeted campaigns based on known behaviors and mutually beneficial priorities. We make it easy to track rewards, to see what works and what doesn’t.

Verify Your Fandom

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Attend Live Events

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Reward Merch

Free Hoodie

Engage your community

Sing Song On TikTok

Win Tickets

Priority Seating

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Easy-to-use self-service templates + network API

Explore our expanding suite of customizable campaign templates designed to deliver industry-best results, or create your own integrations with our network API, with dev-friendly services/APIs empowered by web3. Both agencies and internal teams will feel right at home here.

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Extend loyalty to real world behaviors

Using AI movement recognition you can extend loyalty behaviors to real life and reward people for their every action. Incentivize being active, developing their talents or sharing time with friends all in the context of your brand.

We are a community of gamification experts, pioneering the field of Behavioral Tokenomics™.

Our award-winning team brings to the virtual table decades of expertise in community, art, design, environmental innovation, computational neuroscience, and the commercialization of deep technology.

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“100 fans on this platform are more powerful than 100,000 Instagram followers.”

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