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Dive into an epic journey with CUB3. Make your content not just watchable, but totally interactive. 🕹️  Let them get that XP, boost the love, and watch your fanbase skyrocket like never before.  🚀

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Enter your email and any YouTube video link into the form below, and let CUB3’s unique AI generate an interactive challenge tailored for your audience, from your content. By doing so, not only will you witness the power of CUB3 in enhancing audience engagement, but you will also be entered into an early access list for exclusive beta access to our platform launching soon.

CUB3’s state-of-the-art AI analyses your existing content to generate interactive challenges that captivate and engage your audience. We handle the in-depth analysis, insights, and engagement design, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters — producing original content. Elevate your content game with CUB3!

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Why CUB3... Amp up those subs!

🎮 Hey content creators, want to level up your game?

CUB3 taps into the magic of gamification and AI wizardry to turn your audience from casual spectators into enthusiastic super fans. Brace yourself for longer viewing sessions and higher engagement levels! Oh, and did we mention our unique microtransaction twist? It’s a whole new way for your supporters to shower you with love. Let’s crank up the fun factor in your content creation journey!


Feature-Packed Fan Engagement 🚀

Power up your audience’s fire with every win on our platform. It’s more than just views; it’s about building a buzzing community that follows you across platforms with ease.

With CUB3, it’s not just about hitting ‘upload’. Nah, you’re weaving an interactive tale that mesmerizes, gives back, and pumps up your fan count in ways you and your audience will love!

Challenges And Rewards

Light up that passion and engagement at every victory lap.

Unlock Insights

Snag those juicy details and get to know your audience inside out.

Digital Bridges

Flawlessly bring your fans from one digital hangout to the next.

AI Superpowers

AI-crafted campaigns? Done, and they’re whipped up just for your peeps.

The CUB3 Platform

The Free-to-Play Spirit, Reinvented

CUB3 gets it – true engagement comes from inclusivity. Borrowing a leaf from the Free-to-Play playbook, we’ve shifted the focus from just the top 5% to the entire audience. It’s not about the elite minority but the passionate majority, all diving into challenges and reaping rewards.

Integrations Baby!

Platform Party Central 🎉

With CUB3 you no longer have to choose between disconnected social media platforms. Now, you can orchestrate them all to play harmoniously and create a reach so widespread that you won’t be able to go back to how it was before. Get ready to make viral waves and a sphere of influence that is out of this world.

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Rewarding Fan Loyalty With Wicked Gamification Loops

From Watching to Winning!

From a fresh subscriber to active collaborator, fans evolve effortlessly. Our AI crafts tailored challenges, leading fans from initial rewards, through friend-based quests, to grand community challenges, and ultimately to tangible real-world events. Simplified, streamlined, and powered by CUB3 for a transformative fan journey.
First Steps or Giant Leaps? 🚀

Even the simple ‘like’, ‘share’, or ‘subscribe’ can feel like winning a championship. We make sure newcomers don’t just step in—they bounce, leap, and score their first wins and XP in a flash. With CUB3, newbie becomes MVP real quick.

Solo Player 🎧🔥

Watch your peeps flaunt their mojo, from tweeting your wisdom to jamming to your Spotify beats. See them light up with every win, crafting their very own superstar path on your shared journey.

Buddy-Up 🤜🤛

Nothing like teaming up for double the fun! Foster those fan friendships on CUB3. From group missions to group victories, let them discover the magic of teamwork, soaring together in wild and wacky campaigns.

Epic Community Fest 🎉

Rally your fans for the grand CUB3 party—from secret code scavenger hunts to everyone’s-name-on-the-leaderboard kinda days. Let ’em shape the narrative with their own killer content, deepening those fan ties.

Global Groove Quest 🌍✨

Go beyond the local playground. Get your fans hyped with exclusive global gigs, mingling with digital celebs, or embarking on real-world quests. Who said the internet and IRL can’t have a legendary mash-up?

Creator Playbooks

Leveling Up Fan Connection for Every Genre 🎤📹


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