Drive gamer engagement across both real and online worlds

Create engaged communities

Pre release – get your fans excited about new releases, drive them to your Discord to engage in the game community, get them sharing the Steam link to the wishlist.

  • Join the game Discord
  • Tweet about the game
  • Check in at gaming event
  • Answer game trivia
  • Post pictures from the game
  • Listen to game content

Ensure gamer loyalty

Post-release – encourage users to bring friends to ever expanding game communities. Ensure consistent hype through user feedback and challenges that makes your future audiences much greater.

Own the relationship, own the insight

Know your customers holistically across by connecting different channels. Understand who your key audiences are by connecting Metamask to social media and social platforms.

Step 1

Join the game Discord


Unlock unseen game videos

Step 2

Post picture of game release day


Lucky dip for game merchandise

Step 3

Go to in person gaming event


Tickets to designer Q&A

Start in minutes

Easy-to-use self-service templates + network API

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