Own the relationship

Own The Insignt

Insights Dashboard

Direct relationships empower you to know what people value and how to keep them engaged. Recognize, understand and direct your customers with your insights dashboard.

  • Understand what your customers value, and how to keep them engaged by following their actual behaviors
  • Real-time data about how customers are interacting with their brand
  • Make informed decisions about marketing campaigns and strategies, and track the success of those campaigns
  • Monitor customer lifetime value and take steps to increase it
  • Identify trends and patterns, and understand what customers are saying about the brand
  • Target specific customers with personalized messages and offers
  • Identify customers at risk of churning and take corrective action with customized offers
  • Optimize marketing campaigns for maximum impact and ROI

How we measure your success


Measure top of funnel metrics, including new customers acquired within a specified time period:

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Sign ups, games played, upgrades, follows
  • Membership size and growth, organic searches
  • How many members are referring others?
  • How viral is your program?


Track engagement across all integrated channels, including social media, email, and commerce. The platform also provides metrics on member engagement and satisfaction for marketers to utilize:

  • Measure time in ecosystem
  • Time interacting with the platform


Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

  • Measure churn rate and the percentage of new customers who are retained after a specified time period.
  • How many members are coming back week after week, month after month?
  • Be responsive to at risk customers and provide incentives to stay, that work!


Make loyalty native to every sale by tying in digital collectibles at purchase. Keep track of promotion uptake and understand how incentives drive active purchasing.
With our platform, you can measure: New customer revenue Average spend LTV gross margins Monthly/annual gross Repeat purchases Secondary sales data of Web3-based rewards
Measure new customer revenue, average spend, LTV gross margins, monthly/annual gross, repeat purchases, and secondary sales data of web3-based rewards.